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  • "Take control of your inventory"
  • "Track and Monitor asset maintenance to avoid costly downtime"
  • "Quickly and easily product work orders and maintenance history reports"
  • "Training available on-site or online"

Trial Accounts

Coming Soon

Test accounts are in development and will be available shortly to anyone who want to have a look at Centrefleet.


Sales and Support

Email: support@amswil.com

Product Overview

Asset (plant, equipment, vehicle) management is essentially a systematic process of deploying, operating, maintaining, upgrading and disposing of assets. At Centrefleet, we focus on maintenance management software solutions for our clients - ensuring that they maximise their return on their investment.

Centrefleet provides organisations with tools to allow them to stay compliance with their maintenance schedules. For example, you can structure your assets in an organised and logical manner, which can allow you to prepare reports relating to maintenance history and parts inventory.

One of the strengths of Centrefleet is what is known as SAAS (Software as a Service). What this means, is that Centrefleet will take care of all the IT, hosting, security and backups. Consequently, this allows our clients to access their accounts through any computer with a web browser - such as Internet Explorer.