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  • "Take control of your inventory"
  • "Track and Monitor asset maintenance to avoid costly downtime"
  • "Quickly and easily product work orders and maintenance history reports"
  • "Training available on-site or online"

Trial Accounts

Coming Soon

Test accounts are in development and will be available shortly to anyone who want to have a look at Centrefleet.


Sales and Support

Email: support@amswil.com

Start-Up Guide

Many CMMS implementations fail as companies struggle to fully understand the implementation process. Reasons for failure include cost overruns, time overruns, poor end user utilisation, little or no change from management, lack of support from management, insufficient end user training, failure to achieve the promised benefits, or failure to become an every-day part of the organisation. This Start-up Guide is a logical process to create and help maximise the rate of success of implementing a CMMS software package into your organisation.

Get Buy-In and Commitment from Management

Outline the benefits of moving your maintenance activities from paper to digital. If you have done your homework, you should have a good business case to present to management and to show them the benefits and cost savings associated with implementing Centrefleet. You must be able to demonstrate a return on investment in order to get the project off the ground. Ensure they are aware of the time and budget required for the project, so you get their commitment from the very start.

Define Your Business Requirements

Before you start the buying process, define the business requirements for your organisation. With a clearly defined list of requirements – your business is more likely to achieve its CMMS software implementation objectives on time, within budget, and without any disruptive surprises.

Preventive Maintenance Procedures

It is important to know all of your scheduled maintenance ahead of time, so you can specify all the necessary criteria’s relating to proper preventive maintenance schedules.

Sign-up for Centrefleet Training

Training can be one of the most important investments during the CMMS software implementation phase. It can sometimes take hours to figure out how to perform one simple function within a CMMS software program. Training speeds up deployment, outlines best practices when entering data, and increases user adoption.

Import Your Data

Data entry is the most time consuming part of Centrefleet’s implementation process, so the more data imports you can do, the faster you can deploy Centrefleet.

Add Users and User Groups

Make sure you have everyone’s qualifications and certification, as well as their contact information when configuring the system users.

Add your Assets

This will include parts, buildings, equipment and any other assets that you need to manage and maintain.

Add Scheduled Maintenance and Set Triggers

This automates work orders for tasks that must be completed on a regular basis, and is one of the major advantages of implementing CMMS software.

Centrefleet Goes Live

When all previous steps are complete, Centrefleet can go live. All users are now expected to work from the new Centrefleet system.

Continuous Improvement

The longer you use Centrefleet, the more it can do for you. With historical data you can begin to plot trends (good and bad), resource allocation, and asset utilisation – all of which can help make your operations more efficient.