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  • "Take control of your inventory"
  • "Track and Monitor asset maintenance to avoid costly downtime"
  • "Quickly and easily product work orders and maintenance history reports"
  • "Training available on-site or online"

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What is CMMS

For some organisations, managing daily, weekly, quarterly and annual maintenance is a labor intensive challenge. The challenge becomes an obstacle to success – if maintenance management is allowed to get out of control.

The issues facing each organisation are unique, due to variances in size, skill sets, training, standard operating procedures, culture as well as the age of assets just to name a few.

CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management Software) is a collection of programs designed to make maintenance operations be better organised, such as:

1. Help maintain assets to maximize their useful life

2. Help staff be more effective, and

3. Reduce operating expenses.

It should be noted that the functionality of a CMMS lies in its ability to collect and store information in an easily retrievable format. A CMMS does not make decisions, rather it provides management with the best information available, so they can make an informed decision for their business.